I'll be doing
some creative tension-release.
Please do not be alarmed
by what you may hear.

This page is a tribute to my old days on alt.prose. The front lines of writing, putting your work right out there for people and gaining (mostly) useful feedback. Right now, this section is mostly poetry, but I plan to eventually add more longer pieces as I deem them worthy.

Indicates most recent additions.

Tales From a Twisted Mind

Getting Inside Her
Helen's Room
The Man Who Saved Time
The Necrophage
Small World--A Christmas story.
The Sounding Sea
The Sounding Sea. The novel-length version

Strange Poetry Section

The Myna
Dark Heart
Humpty Dumpty's Sad Demise
Retribution in the Darkness
Viva la Sewage
Trip the Wire
The Night Before Christmas
The Julia Sonnets
Random Noise--fragments, minor pieces, and unfinished works

What to Do if You Lose Your Towel--My contribution to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Chop Wood, Carry Water--a short essay on tea cermonies, Zen, and finding enlightenment through daily chores.

Works in Progress
Chunks of longer, unfinished works. All rough draft.
Chapter one of The Poison Pittsburg
Part of an untitled novella.
The Europa saga.
A dream sequence from the longer Necrophage.
Prologue/excerpt which begins Necrophage.
Epilogue from an untitled novel.
Two diff openings to Scary Larry. My first attempt at the serial-killer genre. Difficult to get into that frame of mind to write, and difficult not to back away from once going.
     Scary Larry, Chapter 1, take 2.
     Scary Larry, Chapter 1, take 3.

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